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By Nathaniel Lowa in Lusaka

District Apostle Kububa SokoThe Bishops in the New Apostolic Church receive the commission and authority to dispense Holy Baptism with water, proclaim the forgiveness of sins and consecrate & dispense Holy Communion among other things. The Bishop also assists the Apostle in providing soul care to God’s children in his working area. On a regular basis, Bishops in the New Apostolic Church undergo orientation on various activities to keep them abreast with the current spiritual needs for God’s children. Because of this, Bishops from Zambia & Zimbabwe met in Lusaka for a one day orientation workshop while Bishops from Malawi will meet in the coming weeks. District Apostle Kububa Soko this morning at Melsim Lodge graced the workshop and in his opening speech, he called upon the Bishops to understand their role in the leadership and management of the Church. “As Bishops, your role is very critical in the performance of your Apostle area and the Church as a whole. You should further understand that you have been assigned to the leadership function of the Apostles and that is what the title ‘BISHOP’ entails. It means Priest assigned to assist the Apostle to effectively discharge his leadership function. For this you will need to be humble, flexible and quick in carrying out assignments”, he said. The District Apostle further mentioned that all Bishops will oversee the work of OASYS III in their respective Apostle areas to ensure maximum compliance on OASYS III data capture which covers offerings, sealings, deaths and transfers. He further expressed his sadness on the levels of compliance regarding OASYS III and has called upon the Bishops to increase efforts to improve compliance levels from 49% recorded in 2017 to 50% recorded in 2020. The District Apostle then encouraged the Bishops to pay attention to the materials provided to them during the workshop for their benefit and that of God’s children. Overseas Accounting System 3 (OASYS III) is a management information system that helps in managing finances (offerings) and membership details of New Apostolic Church members in their respective congregations. The District Apostle was in the company of the District Apostle Helper Robert Nsamba, Apostles Ranford Simumbwe, Oscar Kalumiana, Michael Milupi and Donald Kalyangu.


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